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School Schedule

Daily Thursday/Minimum Days
Kindergarten: 8:15 - 1:45 8:15 - 12:10
Lunch: 11:25 – 12:10
Grades 1 - 3: 8:15 - 2:50 8:15 - 12:10
Grades 4 - 5: 8:15 - 2:55 8:15 - 12:10
Lunch: 12:10 – 12:55
Note: Supervision of students starts at 7:30am and ends at 3:10pm. Students should not arrive before 7:30am or remain on campus after dismissal without parent supervision.

Attendance Policies and Procedures

General Guidelines
  • Regular attendance and on-time arrival is expected of each student.
  • Family trips should be scheduled outside of the 180 days of school.
  • When an extended absence cannot be avoided, Independent Study Contracts may be available for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 days per year. Advanced notice (at least one week) to the office and teacher is required. Contact the office for additional details.
  • Excessive unexcused absences (and/or unexcused tardies in excess of 30 minutes) will result in truancy procedures and possible review by the State Attendance Review Board.
  • Whenever possible, medical and dental appointments should be scheduled before or after school.
  • Students arriving late must get a tardy slip from the office prior to entering class.
Absence Procedures
To report an absence, call the office at 650.526.3520, press 2 (or email bdolan@mvwsd.org). Provide the following information: date of absence, student’s name, room number or teacher, reason for absence, and name and relationship of the person reporting the absence.
  • Call before 9:00am each day the student is absent, unless you have provided advance notice to the office.
  • All students leaving school prior to dismissal must be signed out in the office by an authorized individual.
  • Illness, doctor or dental appointments, funeral, or court appearances are excused absences.


Health Services
  • The Mountain View Whisman School District employs Registered Nurses who are available for emergencies during school hours. The office staff is trained to provide basic first aid at all other times.
  • Serious injuries or illnesses will be referred to 911 services.
  • Parents must keep their emergency cards updated so they can be contacted in the event of an emergency, injury, or illness requiring parent attention.
  • Periodic vision and hearing screenings are provided at school.  Any problems noted with vision or hearing test results are referred to parents. Tests for other grade levels are also performed upon parent or teacher request.
  • The Landels School office has information about low-cost healthcare and insurance, as needed.
Illness and Injury Policy
  • Students who are ill or have a fever should be kept home from school.
  • Contact the office if a student is diagnosed with a communicable disease, such as chicken pox, measles, or strep throat. Exposure notices will be sent home with other students who might have been exposed.
  • If a student becomes ill at school, the office will contact parents. If parents are unavailable, the office will contact other individuals listed on the emergency card.
  • If a student is injured at school, he/she should report to the teacher in charge and then be sent to the office. Parents will be contacted if more than basic first aid is required. Serious emergencies will be referred to 911 services.
District Lice Policy
  • If a student is found with active, adult head lice, parents are immediately contacted to take the student home to administer treatment for head lice.
  • Upon return to school, student will be checked in the office and allowed to remain in school if no active head lice are detected.
  • Classroom checks will be done at the discretion of school health staff or school administration.
  • If you discover that your child has head lice, please call the office regarding his/her absence and administer treatment.
All students taking medication at school must submit a “Medication Authorization Form” signed by the student’s doctor. Forms are available in the office. Without such authorization, office staff are not permitted to administer any medication, including Tylenol, Advil, allergy medicines, cough drops, or asthma inhalers. Students are never allowed to have any medication with them at school. When students are off campus for field trips, the teacher in charge will be responsible for student medication as needed.
Medical Information
Each student’s Emergency Card must be kept up to date at all times, including medical conditions and allergies. The names and phone numbers of individuals who are authorized to pick the student up in the event of an illness or emergency must also be listed on the emergency card.

Student Expectations

  • All students are expected to follow our three school rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.
  • All adults and students are expected to treat one another with kindness and respect. Conflicts should be resolved calmly without physical contact. If students cannot resolve their conflicts independently, they are expected to seek the assistance of a yard supervisor, teacher, or principal.
Prohibited Behaviors
The Mountain View Whisman School District Board of Trustees lists certain offenses as intolerable. These offenses can result in immediate suspension or expulsion of the student. They include the following:
  • Unlawfully possessing, using, selling or furnishing or being under the influence of any controlled substance, alcohol, or intoxicant of any kind.
  • Smoking or possession of tobacco.
  • Any willful destruction of school or personal property.
  • Any threat or use of force or violence to persons.
  • Profanity or other vocal abuse directed towards another person.
  • Possession of dangerous or deadly weapons.
  • Theft.
Dress Code
The purpose of the dress code is to help students develop standards for their personal appearance. Research has found a high correlation between the way children dress and their behavior in school.
Students are to dress appropriately for participation in a variety of school activities. Personal cleanliness and neatness are expected. Students may not wear clothing that promotes cigarettes, alcohol or drug use, gang affiliation, or would be considered reasonably offensive to others. Students are not to wear clothing that is too tight or too short. Students should wear shoes suitable for running.
Students who come to school wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to contact a parent to bring a change of clothing to school. The classroom teacher and school principal will determine appropriate school dress.
Items to Leave at Home
  • Any personal electronic devices (students may bring cell phones, but they must be turned off and kept in student's backpack during school hours)
  • Chewing gum/candy
  • Large sums of money
  • Trading cards of any kind
  • Toys and play equipment
  • Makeup
  • Hazardous items such as matches, cap guns, air guns, and knives

Student Recognition

Trimester Awards Assemblies
At the end of each trimester, Landels students are acknowledged by their teachers for their specific effort in academics and community work. Parents of honored students are invited to attend these assemblies.
Lion’s ROAR
Students caught following one of the 3 school rules (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible) may be given a Lion’s ROAR award. Any school staff member may give this award. Students will take home half of the Lion’s ROAR to show their parents. The other half will be placed in the ROAR box located outside of the principal’s office. ROARs are randomly chosen each week and presented at the Monday Morning Assembly. The designated students will be rewarded for their good behavior with a prize and their names will be mentioned in the Wednesday Word. A check-off system is used to give all students an opportunity to be recognized.


General Rules During Recess
  • Students should keep hands and feet to themselves, and treat each other with respect.
  • We are an "inclusive" school, i.e., all students have a right to play and may not be excluded, except for meaningful age differences.
  • Students must remain in view of at least one adult at all times and respect playground boundaries.
Designated Play Areas
Yellow/blue: Kindergarten and 1st grade
Yellow/blue/red: 2nd and 3rd grades
Red/blue: 4th and 5th grades
  • Equipment: Tag, chasing on or around play structures, and jumping from structure platforms is not allowed.
  • Slides: All slides are "feet first", one student at a time. Students may not walk or climb up slides. Each student should make sure that the slide has cleared before beginning a descent.
  • Monkey bars: First priority is for those swinging from bar to bar. Students may climb and sit on them, but must move out of the way of those swinging below.
  • Students may bounce, toss or play four-square with the playballs.
  • Students may play tag or kick balls only on the field.
  • Tag and touch football games are allowed, if played appropriately. No contact sports.
  • The field is off-limits if soggy.

Yard Supervision

  • Morning yard supervision begins at 7:30am. When students arrive in the morning, they should wait in line at their classroom number on the blacktop.
  • Teachers supervise morning recess activity.
  • The principal and yard supervisors provide supervision of the students during lunch. 
  • Supervision is provided at dismissal time from 2:50-3:10. After 3:10 your child will be sent to the office. Parents must come into the office and sign students out, providing a reason for late pickup.


Emergency Cards
Emergency Cards are required to be completed for each student at the beginning of the school year or as soon as a student enters school. The original is kept in the office. A copy is kept in the student’s classroom emergency backpack, which goes with the class on field trips and emergency evacuations. It is imperative that the office be notified of any changes regarding medical or emergency contact information.
Campus Security and Visitors
  • All visitors and volunteers who enter or leave the campus during school hours must check in and out at the office.
  • Visitors and volunteers must also wear an identification sticker (available in the office) while on campus.
  • Parents may not arrive unannounced in classrooms during the school day. Messages, assignments, lunches and other belongings should be left in the office to help avoid disruption in the classroom.
Emergency Preparedness
  • Disaster and/or fire drills are practiced monthly.
  • In the event of an earthquake, students are taught to duck and cover, while holding onto a table or desk leg until it is safe to leave the classroom.
  • In the event of a fire, students are taught to leave the classroom and assemble on the grass next to their classroom’s assigned spot for further instructions.
  • School staff has been trained in emergency procedures, including the use of emergency supplies and medical equipment available on-site. In the event of a severe area-wide disaster such as an earthquake, students will be released only to parents, legal guardians or individuals authorized on the student emergency card, with a photo ID.
  • Adults coming onto campus may be asked to assist with emergency procedures.

Traffic Safety

  • Please do not use cell phones when dropping off or picking up your child.
  • Parents may NOT use bus or staff parking spaces to drop off, pick up students or to park.
  • Please drop off your child anywhere along the yellow curb, not in the middle of the parking lot! Be ready to exit quickly. When dropping off, pull as far forward as possible even if you see no one behind you.
  • Cars must not be left unattended for any reason at the yellow curb.
  • If you need to cross Dana Street, please go to the crosswalk at the corner. Stay on the sidewalk. For the safety of you and your children, do not walk through the parking lot.
  • Please follow the directions of the parking lot attendant.
  • If dropping off on Mercy Street, do not enter the cul-de-sac, or make a U-turn on Mercy Street.
  • Please do not block the driveways of the neighbors.
Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, Skates
  • Bicycle racks are provided at the back of the school near the library and near Kids’ Place.
  • Bicycles must be locked securely to the racks and must not be left overnight. The school is not responsible for loss or damage to bicycles on campus.
  • Children are required by law to wear helmets while using bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and skates.
  • Students are to walk their bike or carry their skateboard while on campus at arrival and dismissal times.
Bus Transportation


The partnership between home and school depends upon consistent and clear communication. Each classroom is equipped with a telephone and Internet access. Voicemail, e-mail, weekly packets, and formal and informal conferences are among the methods used to ensure effective communication between parents and teachers. In addition to dropping by or scheduling an appointment, parents can communicate with the office through e-mail, voicemail, telephone, fax, or regular mail.

The Wednesday Word is the newsletter for the Landels community, and includes updates about the Landels community, current event information and community resources. It is emailed to parents every Wednesday morning. Please update your emergency card in the office with any changes to your email address.

The website includes the most recent newsletter, school calendar, and valuable information about the Landels community.
Monday Morning Assemblies
Students attend an informational school-wide assembly each Monday morning after the bell rings at 8:15am. Parents are invited to attend.
Contacting Students
In order to maximize your child's learning, classroom disruptions are kept to a minimum. Except for emergencies, students should not be contacted during class time. Messages and forgotten items, such as lunches, homework and musical instruments, may be left in the office for students to pick up during breaks. Plans for after-school transportation and activities should be made before school. Please notify the Landels office for any changes to your child's after-school pickup plan.
Contacting Teachers
Except for emergencies, teachers will not be contacted during class time. Messages may be left for them via voicemail or e-mail. Check with the teacher at the beginning of the school year regarding the best way to contact him or her.
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Conferences are scheduled before the end of the first trimester to review each child’s progress with his or her parents. Additional meetings can be requested by the teacher or parents throughout the year as needed.
In order to maintain effective communication with your child's teacher, please directly contact your teacher with any concerns. If concerns are not addressed after discussions with the teacher, parents should contact the principal for assistance.
Classroom Observations
A parent who wants to observe his or her child’s classroom must make an advance appointment with the teacher or school secretary.

Parent Involvement

The Landels School PTA plays an essential role in ensuring that each of our students has access to an excellent education. Through its focus on academic achievement, a strong sense of community, parent involvement, and parent education, the PTA is the cornerstone of an inclusive community where every member is appreciated and valued. Through financial support for classroom materials, field trips, assemblies, and arts programming, the PTA enriches our school and enables our students to meet their academic potentials. We encourage all members of the Landels community to join the PTA. Community events sponsored by the Landels PTA include the following:
  • Book Fairs
  • Walkathon
  • International Festival
  • PTA Meetings
  • Parent Education Programs
School Site Council (SSC)
The SSC is a decision-making, leadership group comprised of the principal, teachers, classified staff, and parents/community. The SSC plays an important role in the continuous improvement of our students' education by its review, approval, and monitoring of the annual Landels Site Plan and of categorical monies that fund the plan. Members review and analyze students' performance, ask hard questions, participate in thoughtful discussions, and work on a team with staff and the principal. 
  • Parents may volunteer to assist teachers in or outside the classroom in ways such as accompanying classes on field trips, preparing special projects, assisting students with classroom work, etc.
  • Parents and community members may volunteer in the library or computer lab, serve as reading and math tutors, etc.
Volunteer Guidelines
All volunteers are expected to abide by the following:
  • Provide evidence of a negative TB test within the previous four years.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all students and staff.
  • Dress appropriately for the activity.
  • Follow all emergency procedures.
  • Always be with students under direct, visible teacher supervision.
  • Contact the teacher or the school office as soon as possible if you will be late or absent.
  • Sign in at the school office, wear a volunteer sticker, and log the volunteer hours.


Classroom Holiday Parties
In the spirit of celebrating our ethnic diversity at Landels, all celebration of holidays are observed from an instructional historical perspective.
Religious Objections
Any parent who has a religious objection about his/her child’s participation in holiday parties should notify the teacher so other arrangements can be made for the student during those times.
  • Please do not send any treats to school to celebrate your child's birthday. Instead, a book can be donated to the Landels library in celebration of a child's birthday. The librarian will provide a special bookplate for the student to sign.
  • Invitations to parties outside the classroom may not be distributed at school unless the entire class is invited (this is to avoid hurt feelings of students who are not invited).

Supplies and Textbooks

Basic school supplies and textbooks are furnished for all students as required by law. At the beginning of the year and periodically thereafter, teachers will provide students with a grade level supply list of extra items needed for the classroom. Purchase of these items is voluntary. 

Field Trips

Field trip funding is shared by the PTA and parent donations. Your student’s teacher may request a one-time donation at the beginning of the school year or may ask for small donations as field trips occur. Please note that all donations for field trips are voluntary and not required for students to participate in a field trip.
Permission Slips
Permission slips will be sent home in advance of each field trip and must be returned to the teacher. If a student fails to return the permission slip, the student will not be allowed to participate in the field trip and will be assigned to another classroom while the class is away.
Various modes of transportation are used for field trips, depending upon distance from school, cost, and weather. These include district, chartered or city buses, light rail and walking.


The Landels library is managed by a librarian, who is assisted by library volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering in the Landels library please contact the principal. Each classroom is assigned a weekly library period and children will be able to check out library books.

Computers and Technology

Classroom use of technology is intended to support and integrate current subject matter curriculum. All Landels classrooms are wired for Internet access. The computer lab and classroom computers are fully networked, providing student access to their own work from any computer in the school. Classrooms have scheduled computer lab time each week or access to a laptop cart with one laptop per student.

Enrichment and Extracurricular Opportunities

In addition to core curriculum, the academic program at Landels is enhanced through both enrichment opportunities during the school day and extracurricular offerings during lunch and outside of school hours. Information regarding these opportunities is provided periodically in the Landels Wednesday Word, and can also be found on the Landels website.

Food Service

  • Students may bring their lunch from home or purchase hot lunch through the district’s food service program. A menu will be included in the Wednesday Word at the beginning of each month.
  • Any student from a family whose income is at or below a current eligibility scale may receive a free or reduced-priced brunch and lunch by completing an application form, which is available on the district website.
  • Students may bring a healthy snack to eat during morning recess time.

Child Care

The YMCA Kid's Place program offers after-school care for Landels students. Space is limited. For additional information regarding their program and fees, please call Kid's Place at 650.965.2008.

School Picture Day

Individual student and class pictures are taken in the fall and individual student pictures are taken in the spring. Information regarding pictures will be sent home a week earlier. A retake day will be offered for students only in the fall.

Lost and Found

All students are encouraged to label clothing. Any lost and found items will be placed on the lost and found cart located near the playground. Students and parents should check the cart frequently for lost articles of clothing and/or lunchboxes. All items will be held for approximately 2 weeks, at which time they will be donated to charity.

School Facility

Community Use
Landels fields and playgrounds are not permitted for public use during the school hours of 7:45am and 3:30pm Monday through Friday.
The Mountain View Parks and Recreation Department maintains the fields at Landels and is responsible for their scheduling.
No Smoking / Alcohol
According to California state law, smoking and alcohol are not allowed on public school campuses at any time.
Dogs are not permitted at school or on fields during the school hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm Monday through Friday. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times while on the Landels campus. Due to a heightened potential for injury, we ask parents not to bring dogs to school at drop-off and pick-up times.
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