In-School Programs

Core and Enrichment Programs

 ST Math

ST Math instructional software is designed to help all students reach math proficiency through self-paced, language-independent, mastery-based objectives.  The games use interactive animations that visually represent mathematical concepts to improve conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.  Your student can access ST Math at home or on any computer or tablet with Internet.



i-Ready is an online, interactive learning environment designed to assess students and then provide individualized instruction based on each student's unique needs.  i-Ready is designed to complement classroom instruction in Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Math.  Practice at home will help prepare your child for classwork.  View the Parent Training Guide here in English and Spanish.  View the Parent Overview Video here.

Art and Music

Art and music instruction is provided by the Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA).  Music4schools is designed to introduce children to the world of music through a combination of classroom instruction and special performances by professional musicians.  Art4schools gives children hands-on instruction in the fine arts.  Music and art are full-year programs for grades 1-5.  5th grade students choose either music or art for the year.  Visit the CSMA website for more information.


The school library is open during school hours.  All students in grades 1-5 are eligible to check out books for a one-week period.  The library services all classes, provides enrichment material in all subject areas of the curriculum, and stimulates recreational reading.   

PE (Physical Education)

Rhythm and Moves provides physical education for students in grades 1-5.  The Rhythm and Moves curriculum teaches students successful ways of moving, so they not only enjoy physical activity but also learn that being fit is good for their physical, emotional and social well-being.

CHAC (Community Health Awareness Council)

The Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) helps create healthy lives for children and families in Mountain View and the surrounding communities.  CHAC provides interns to all of the Mountain View schools to work with children on a variety of issues such as dealing with adjustment, self-esteem, conflict resolution, anger management, and social skills.  Some children are seen one on one, and others are seen in a group setting.  All sessions occur during the school day.  Children may be seen by a CHAC counselor only with signed parent permission.  Obtain student referral and parent-consent forms at the Landels main office.
CHAC runs the "Just for Kids" program.  This "living skills" program for third grade children teaches healthy ways of coping with family and environmental pressures, including age-appropriate substance abuse education.  Just for Kids takes place on campus during lunch with parental permission.
CHAC also runs "The Village" program.  An intensive on-campus program that includes individual and group counseling, a drop-in parent resource center, parenting counseling and classes, classroom intervention services, crisis/conflict resolution, mediation, and lunch-time game room.
Please contact Terri at with further questions (please do not include confidential information).