Landels Latest, Oct 1, 2020

Oct 2               Check-In with the Superintendent – 3:30PM  Click here to register

Oct 5               Landels Community Session on Perimeter Fences - 4:00-5:00PM. Click here to register

Oct 7               Parent U – Raising Digitally Resilient Children and Teens – 5:30-7:00PM  Register here

Oct 12             NO SCHOOL – Recess Day

Oct 21             PTA General Assoc. Meeting – 6:30PM

Oct 22             ELAC Meeting


·      Sophia B. - Rm. 12 

·      Luka M. - Rm. 7

·      Manjot S. - Rm. 13

·      Ezra B. - Rm. 9 

·      Luke E. - Rm. 1

·      Aviva F. - Rm. 7 

·      Amy L. - Rm. 13

·      Logan Y. - Rm. 12

·      Carissa R. - Rm. 8 

·      Emanuel V. - Rm. 11


Message from our principal:

Hello Landels Families!

As we continue on our journey of distance learning, I wanted to remind you of the benefit of productive struggle.  As a parent, I understand it is difficult to watch your child struggle with learning although it is quite beneficial to build perseverance in your child as well as the ability to overcome the feelings when mistakes are made during learning.  To enhance this benefit of productive struggle as your child grows and learns, resist to assist automatically.  Give your child some wait time and guide them to problem solve on their own.  You can ask questions and/or give prompts such as:

  • What do you think comes next?
  • What can you try?
  • Try something and see if it is correct.  If it isn’t, that’s okay.  We’ll try something else.
  • How can you solve it using information from the problems you solved before?
  • What have you done in the past?
  • Let’s look at your schedule and decide what comes next.
  • Tell me one idea that you have and we can come up with other solutions together.

We, as educators, are receiving pertinent data in regards to your child’s learning as we observe them using productive struggle while learning.  We are discovering how your child learns and what he or she needs support in when learning.  Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor.  It really helps us receive accurate learning information and be better able to support your child.


School Site Council

Thanks to all who attended our first School Site Council meeting last week.  We discussed the duties of our school site council team, we reviewed our school site plan from the 2019-2020 school year, and discussed membership for our school site council voting rights.  

California state law requires that we hold an election for School Site Council voting membership.  Therefore, please vote for our five School Site Council members who will be voting to approve our school site plan as well as other voting situations that may occur during the 2020-2021school year.  

Please note:  Everyone is welcome to attend our school site meeting to discuss and problem solve issues together.  Although our five school site council members will be the ones who vote.

A message from our Landels 5th grade safety team

Hello Landels Lions!

I hope you have been collecting your recyclable items at home to create art or science projects, because on Monday, October 5th, you can start submitting your creations on your grade level Padlet link! You can make anything you want with any recyclable item that you find- paintings, sculptures, murals, experiments, and so much more!  Have your families check their emails or the Landels Facebook page for more information about different types of recyclable items, the link to the Padlet, and more!  The Padlet closes on October 30th, so you have lots of time to create amazing things! We can't wait to see!

Padlet Link

A message from our Landels 5th grade activities team

Hello Landels, I am here to tell you that our spirit days are now happening twice a month on the first and third week of each month. If you forget, we will remind you. 

This week’s Spirit theme is “Favorite book day,” take a picture with your book and post it on the Pride Team Padlet. 

Here is the link to the Pride Team Spirit Day Padlet.  You and/or your child can take a picture with a book and post it on the Padlet! You can add information about the book. Example: “______ is my favorite book because_________. You should read it.”


MVWSD Strategic Plan 

This past weekend, our district began the process of developing a new Strategic Plan.  MVWSD parents, staff, and the Board of Trustees met for a strategic planning session.  This session is one of the many steps MVWSD is using to gather input for our Strategic Plan 2027.  The group reviewed Thought Exchange feedback and academic data as well as discussed potential goals and priorities for the next six years. It was a very rich conversation and was inspiring to imagine the possibilities for what we can achieve and accomplish, together!

As part of the process, we reviewed the impact of our most recent strategic plan, Strategic Plan 2021.  A highlight of success landed on the impact of increased focus on using data to drive instructional decisions.  Yesterday, our teachers completed a data dive into our school-wide data and identified patterns and trends.  Next week, we will dig deeper into grade-level and class-level results.  

As parents, you will all have access to your child’s iReady Diagnostic results on October 1, 2020.  As always, contact us if you need assistance. 


Landels Community Session on Perimeter Fences

The District is in the process of planning to install perimeter controls around Landels to keep students safe during the school day.  The planned fencing is intended to help secure the school buildings and fields where the children play from unscreened members of the public.  Increasing security at all school sites in the District was part of Measure T and was expedited due to COVID.  

While we want to secure our campus, we also want to continue to share the fields and playgrounds with community members for use after school hours.  Gates along the field will automatically unlock after school and remain unlocked during the weekends so the community has access for recreation. Like Crittenden Middle School field, the fences around the district fields have not impeded public access.

Dr. Rebecca Westover, MVWSD’s Chief Business Officer, will be holding a community meeting on Monday, Oct. 5, 4-5 p.m to present information and to answer your questions. Please join us at the Zoom meeting at (Registration required). Click here to register


Construction Update

At the September 17 board meeting, our district provided an update on the Measure T Priority 1 construction projects. I am excited to share the construction updates that will be occurring or are in consideration for Landels Elementary. Please visit our district website for more information on Landels Measure T Priority 1 updates.

· Gates (Perimeter Controls) - Gates are being installed in order to secure campuses and make COVID screening more efficient. Multiple gate areas will be installed for a more fluid, socially distanced entry of our students. The gates will be self-closing with automatic locks. Access to Landels field will continue to be open to the public outside of school hours. 

· Site Lighting - Each school will be surveyed to determine lighting needs. The lighting will be the style of bollard lights to make for safe nighttime pathways on campus. Each campus will have a photometric survey to determine the location of the bollard lights

· Solar Panels - There are plans to have a solar panel installed in our courtyard. This will also be used as a shade structure for our students in the courtyard.

· Surveillance Cameras - Placement of between 16 to 36 surveillance cameras per site (quantity varies based on size and layout of site) and associated network-based security monitoring and recording system. The quantity of cameras is subject to change once board policy is established.

· Outdoor Learning Spaces - Our school district also recommended the project of Outdoor Learning Spaces to be included in priority 1. We will be connecting with our school community to begin receiving input and feedback on providing schools with outdoor learning spaces.


Technology Support 

If you are having problems with the chromebook, you can contact the Tech department via email or phone (650) 526-3252.


Check-In with the Superintendent on Oct. 2

Please join us for our Community Check-In with Dr. Ayindé Rudolph on Friday, Oct. 2, 3:30 p.m. Bring your questions.  Click here to register:


Free Student Meals:  *New* Pick up meals for multiple days

Free meals are again available to all children in the Mountain View Whisman School District age 18 and younger. No IDs required. 

Daily breakfast and lunch at all schools, except Stevenson (pickup for Stevenson is at Theuerkauf). Times: 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. at the elementary schools. 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the middle schools. 

Come to Graham Middle School between 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. to pick up meals for multiple days. Food items will be different from what is served during daily pickups. On Monday: Pick up for four days. On Friday: Pick up for three days.

Walk, drive or roll up to grab a free meal and go! For menus and information, please see


 i-Ready Scores

Your child recently completed his/her first i-Ready Math and Reading assessments. i-Ready is an online program that helps us determine your child’s strengths and areas for growth in mathematics and reading. Teachers use this information to support instruction in core subjects for every student. Families can access their child’s i-Ready Reading and Mathematics score via their Powerschool Parent Portal starting October 1, 2020 (elementary school) students. 

Steps for accessing reports on PowerSchool Parent Portal: Accessing PowerSchool Parent Portal i-Ready Reports 

Please contact us if you have any trouble accessing reports. 


Parent University: Raising Digitally Resilient Children and Teens during Quarantine

Kids are online more than ever in this post-COVID world, with increased use of digital technology for academics, entertainment, and social connection.

Join My Digital TAT2 for a highly engaging and informative webinar at the MVWSD Parent University event on Wednesday, October 7th from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Hear how young people are affected by the latest news, trends, and data from the world of technology. Get tips and strategies for how to teach responsibility and balanced and healthy use of the internet and social media.

Click here to register for this event on Zoom.

Recommended for all adults who support youth and want to learn thoughtful and supportive ways to navigate media with children. For more information about My Digital TAT2 and their mission, please visit:


Distance Learning Tip: 

How can I help my child when I see him/her getting anxious and upset about distance learning?

Be proactive:  When you see your child getting anxious, let him or her know that you notice he or she may be having a difficult time.  Ask them if they would like a 2 minute break. Set a timer and then redirect him or her back to the session.

If the situation has already escalated, have your child use calming breathing exercises.  Once he or she calms down, you can discuss what your child needs to do before going back to the session.  He or she may need a drink of water, a snack or a two minute break.

You can use phrases such as: It seems like you’re having a hard time … I can imagine how difficult it must be… How can I help you?


Together We Are a Better MVWSD: Hispanic Heritage Month

We are excited to announce that this month marks the beginning of a monthly offering towards MVWSD’s equity goals titled Together We Are a Better MVWSD.  Each month you will receive an infographic in both English and Spanish that offers educational tools and community guidance inspired by a national diversity calendar. This month is National Hispanic Heritage Month.

You’ll see:

·       Lessons provided by grade level that are designed to be used by teachers to enhance work they are doing in the classroom. 

·       Activities provided to parents, which are meant to help bridge the gap between lessons at school and conversations at home. 

·       Organization spotlights to help us engage with our community and learn more about organizations doing equity work.

·       Children’s books by authors who have either the lived experience or scholarly background to contextualize this topic for children and adolescents.

Please see


MVEF news: Did you know that your donations to MVEF support CSMA art and music for your student?

Fifth grade art and music started on 9/23! TK-4 art and music started the week before! All TK-4th students will have virtual art and music classes led by a teacher from CSMA. This year 5th grade students chose instrumental music or art with CSMA.  We thank the CSMA teachers for sharing their engaging and FUN talents as well as filling a need for creativity and active learning on Zoom.

MVEF raises money to provide all MVWSD students with an educational experience beyond what is possible with public funding.  Please see the website at for more information and to donate online. Please consider joining our team of volunteers or emailing us with any questions at Thank you for your support!


October CAC Events

SELPA 1 CAC and the Learning Challenge Committee are your groups for special education and broader learning challenge needs. We are ALL having learning challenges right now, and CAC and LCC are here to help. If you have questions about learning challenges and special education needs, email or check out

October 5, 9 am- General Parent/Community Meeting with Special Ed. Directors & Staff, Zoom at 9:00 am for LCC and 9:30 am for CAC. We will be planning for the year, discussing upcoming programs and discussing distance learning and learning challenges. For our agenda, please join our Google group, For the Zoom link for this meeting, email

October 6, 9:30 am - Alternative Dispute Resolution training from SC County. BUILDING POSITIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS. (Active listening, question strategies, `I’ messages). This two-hour training will provide parents with strategies for holding effective and productive conversations with teachers, service providers and administrators who work with their child(ren). Sign up here:

October 7, 7 - 9 PM - College with Mental Health, Learning or Developmental Challenges with Dr. Laurie Leventhal-Belfer. Dr. Leventhal-Belfer, PhD is the author of, “College on the Autism Spectrum“. Contact for Zoom link.

October 13, 10 am - Parent Chat - Support for parents of teens with mental health challenges. A great place for help and support for challenges with your teens. Please contact for Google Meet invite.

October 14, 7 pm - Evening Let’s Talk - IEP/504 support group. Have questions about the process to get help for your child? Have an IEP but are not sure how to make changes? Need to vent? This is your confidential group. Please contact for the Zoom link for this meeting.

October 19, 7:30 pm - Decoding Dyslexia meeting on Zoom. Melissa Baten Caswell, PAUSD board trustee and parent of dyslexic child. Register in advance for this meeting:

October 24 10am - 12 pm - IEP Goals & Progress Monitoring Webinar Presented by Disability Rights California and organized by Palo Alto CAC. Topics: – IEP Process -Your Rights at an IEP Meeting -Goals & Objectives – FAPE and LRE -Related Services -Assistive Technology -Transition Services/Vocational Services  Zoom link at


PTA News

Join our new communication tool, Konstella
We wanted to invite you to join our new communication tool, Konstella. For returning parents, this replaces Simply Circle. For new parents, this tool will allow you to receive communications from the PTA as well as from other parents in your room. You can choose how and when you would like to receive updates after signing up. Being a member of the PTA is not required. You can join using this link:

Thank you!

Community News

The MVLA Parent Education Speaker Series presents: Jeff Selingo on "Who Gets In and Why:  A Year Inside the College Admissions Process" on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020 - 7:00 - 9:00pm | Live Online | Zoom

Join us for an insightful evening with journalist and higher education expert Jeff Selingo, as he dispels entrenched notions about the college admissions process. 

While many have long believed that college admissions decisions are driven largely by merit, Jeff presents a more complicated truth.   Embedded in three distinctly different admissions offices — a selective private university, a leading liberal arts college, and a flagship public campus — Jeff closely observed college admission officers as they made their often agonizing and sometimes life-changing decisions.

Based on a year of reading applications and sitting through committee meetings where up and down votes were taken, Jeff reveals what really matters to the gatekeepers and how their ultimate decisions are often based on a college’s priorities.  Following interviews with students, testing agencies, marketers, and ranking organizations, Jeff also shares practical advice and helpful strategies for navigating the confusing, chaotic, and often-times stressful college application process.  

Audience:  High school parents and students; teachers and counselors

Register: To register for this free event, go to

Book:  Jeff's new book, Who Gets In and Why, will be released Sept. 15th and is available with free shipping from Books, Inc.  Jeff is generously offering our community a 30% discount + free shipping for pre-orders made directly through him. If interested, use code MVLA30.

Event Login:  We will send the Zoom link via Eventbrite email, Thursday afternoon, October 1st. 
If you have not used Zoom before, please make sure to allow a few extra minutes before the event to download the free Zoom app.    

Sponsored by Los Altos Educational Foundation (LAEF), MVLA High School Foundation, Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF), and Los Altos-Mountain View PTA Council.


Mountain View Public Library presents “Sea Otters” (Flyer attached)

Mountain View Public Library presents “Sea Otters: Author Talk for Kids” (ages 7-12) on Wednesday Oct 14 - 4-4:30 pm. See attached flyer. Free. Sign-up at




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