English Learner Advisory Committee

ELAC helps connect the parents of English language learners at Landels. ELAC serves to advise the principal, staff, and School Site Council (SSC) on the school’s programs for English learners.


ELAC President: Livier Perez 

2023-24 ELAC Meetings

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What is ELAC?
ELAC is English Language Advisory committee. Is a group of parents and teachers that work together for the English learners to meet the requirements to reclassify.

What are the duties of ELAC at Landels?
ELAC is a bridge in between the school, parents and teachers. The committee works with the school to provide information to the parents and gives a voice to our community to project questions or concerns and rely the message to our principal and school staff. As well as we are responsible for advise the principal on the necessities of our families or English learners.

What is ELAC’s objective?
Prepare parents to help our students to reach a proficient academic level to prepare to continue their education and go to college.

What do I have to do as a parent?
Get involved! Good communication and participation from us parents at Landels has given us parent’s great results. It has open doors to be able to communicate with teachers as well as the principal as well as other school staff. And it is reflected on our students’ academic level.

Why is there an ELAC?
Every public school in California from K-12, with more than 21 English Learner students must have an ELAC.

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